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The Best Tips for Traveling Solo

The Best Tips for Traveling Solo

We often wanted to make the big start alone without knowing if it is good for us. Going on a trip alone is undoubtedly scary, but worth it.

1- Stay cautious

Traveling alone is scary,” says cautiously. “But from the moment you’re very careful and know how to use common sense, there’s not anything to worry about, be cautious but not paranoid, and most of the time things go well. even it’s better than you expected, so try to enjoy it! ”

If a person, a situation, a conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, go away, and if the person insists, ask for help the people around you. Use common sense, in short.

2- Plan ahead

Nothing like a well-prepared Plan to feel serene once there. We do not talk about everything steps by step (improvisation is also part of the game and often brings pleasant surprises), but to book the essentials to know his career – and especially not to end up spending an arm unnecessarily.

“I like to plan my trip between 1 to 6 months before, depending on how long I have left, I reserve my ticket well in advance to take advantage of the best prices, and then I look for local events that I have wanted to go, and I reserve my accommodation according to the place of these activities. ”

“Then, I prepare my transport route, and if it is already possible to book, I do it. After I have all this information, I do internet research on the local culture, and I learn some sentences that can to be useful to me. ”


3- Stay with the locals

The best way to travel solo is to be home stayed. The idea is to encourage women to leave by connecting them with trusted hostesses who will welcome them as their friends.”

Rather than booking hotels or hostels that, if they are practical and fun, do not bring us closer to the life of the country, we look for housing at the premises.

4- Do not give your address

Okay, that makes sense, but prevention is better than cure. If a person you meet becomes insistent and wants to know the name of the hotel in which you have taken up residence, your room number or other specific details, refuse immediately. “You can never know someone’s intentions,”

Always careful about drinks offered by foreigners, local taxis at

5- Enjoy!

Once you’ve noticed all these tips, focus on the most essential part of your journey: discover new things. Trust yourself, dare to go to out, and do not be afraid to go on your own. You will see and feel the benefits of this decision beyond the stay in itself.