The Villa — CieloMar (2024)

The Villa — CieloMar (1)

located in Peninsula Papagayo

A privateluxury resort sanctuarythat jots out into the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica's north-west province of Guanacaste.With the Pacific Ocean to the west and a pond and world-class Arnold Palmer golf course to the east of the villa, the site design of the property focuses the views toward the ocean. The property faces the ocean from the vantage point of a promontory and cliff three hundred feet above sea level. This condition creating opportunities for dramatic architecture.

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The Villa — CieloMar (3)

The Villa — CieloMar (4)

“You have beautiful ocean view, and stunning pool that feels seamless with the ocean. The nature around the house is so lovely!”

The Villa — CieloMar (5)

The Villa — CieloMar (7)

Additional Bedrooms (6 in total)

Floor Plan

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A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CLIENT AND ARCHITECT” - listen to the Barnes Coy Podcast with the CieloMar owner and architects.

“I was fortunate enough to be at your amazing home last month...amazing, amazing trip. You did a miraculous job with the property. The attention to detail and layout is right on point and the staff was the icing on the cake. Maybe someday we will be able to return.”
“Loved it! The house was terrific. Loved checking out the peninsula on the golf carts. The food was fabulous!”
“We have enjoyed our visit. The staff is excellent, food is great. The pool has been a great way to relax.”
“We loved our stay at CM! The house was perfect for family time both inside and out. The staff made meals and relaxing so easy. We also loved Prieta Beach Club. Wonderful asset for all of us. Cheers!”
“Five star perfection! We had the best week. The food was incredible. This Thanksgiving was especially special in Costa Rica.”
“Fabulous stay. Great staff! Thank you for a million great memories.”
“Spectacular in every way! What a beautiful spot. The house is fabulous. The star is very friendly and the food was excellent. We loved exploring the peninsula, especially the beach club.”
“CieloMar is the most beautiful place on earth! Thank you to the best staff on earth!”
“Thank you so much! CieloMar was a perfect vacation spot with great hospitality!”
“We had an amazing time at CieloMar. The staff was great. Amazing chef!”
“Waking up to songbirds and crashing waves was wonderful. Swimming in the still, calm pool watching the hummingbirds was a special treat.

The villa was warm inviting and very private. We enjoyed the fabulous meals. They were creative, delicious and visually pleasing. We loved the variety and the unbelievable desserts.

We will always remember our time here and are sad to go home. Until next time...”

“As a huge foodie, I was overwhelmed with the freshness and quality of the meals served to us by the friendly staff of CieloMar. Besides the wonderful meals each day, having a piping hot cup of Costa Rican coffee, started our day off right each morning.The gorgeous open air outside dining overlooking the ocean… Nuff said!”
“We were so delighted with the food at Cielo Mar that we ended up eating every meal there for the whole week we stayed at the villa. We left the menus up to the chef, and she and her crew came up with a wonderfully varied selection of delicious dishes for all three meals a day. Everything was always on time, and the service was terrific and very friendly. I could not recommend this crew more highly.”
“Wishing we could stay longer! Every part of our week was 5 stars! Food, service, view, pool, rooms, excursions (in order: zip line, river tour, massage) golf. We love Costa Rica, its beauty and people.”
“Looking back at pictures and remembering our time at Cielo Mar - here is what I have to say about the food. The food was delicious, plentiful, flavorful, a nice variety and fun to try traditional food. Drinks were wonderful as well. The chef and staff were creative in preparing a menu that was pleasing to all of the guests.
Desserts were a delight in taste and presentation. From breakfast in the morning to our evening meals, every day was full of awesome flavors. Because we ate three healthy meals a day, I felt there was no need to snack and I was very pleased.””
“The food was varied and delicious . It ranged from fish to beef to pasta and all were excellent and many prepared in the regional way. What I particularly appreciated was the timing and pace of the meals. Meals were always on time and the delivery and pace was such that you were not waiting nor were you feeling rushed. The friendliness and attentiveness of the staff was excellent. It couldn’t have been better.”
The Villa — CieloMar (2024)
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